Kobza today

Dmytro Lytvynets

Composer, arranger, keyboard-player, saxophonist, lead vocalist

He has been on a professional stage since four. Dmytro’s music education started at home – his father was well-known saxophonist. Then he graduated from a high music school as a clarinetist and pianist. In 2001 Dmytro was awarded a flat in Kiev as a prize of the state competition "The Person of the Year", for his skills in playing different instruments. He was fourteen.
Nowadays he studies at the National University of Culture and Arts, on a music-hall vocal faculty.

First time the name "Kobza" he’s been heard from his father.

Alexander Rud

Bass-guitarist, composer, vocalist

He graduated from a music school and Mykolayiv Pedagogical Institute. Alexander has a diploma of a true music teacher. He started playing with a school band, then collaborated with a numerous groups: "Allegro" (Orenburg, Russia), "The VYO" (Kiev), etc. A former bass-guitarist and arranger of a legendary Ukrainian folk-rock group "Krayany" (Poltava).

Music by "Kobza" he’s been heard in the age of 10.

Yaroslav Vilchik

Drummer, percussionist

Started playing with numerous bands in a native city of Zaporijya, Jaroslav arrived Kiev having propositions to play with several groups at once. He worked with such famous Ukrainians as "Nechto Tretye", NeDilya", "Nichlava", "Siryk Band". As a studio session drummer Vilchik took part in recording albums for Tatyana Nedelska, Tala, Roman Beychak, etc.

First he saw "Kobza" in a music video feat. "TNMK" – a famous Ukrainian hip-hop group, in 2002.

George Garbar

Flutist, vocalist

After graduating from the Kiev State Conservatory, worked as a vocalist ("Mriya" and "Mal’vy" ensembles) and a flutist (Ukrainian Symphonic Orchestra for Radio and Television, The National Academic Orchestra of Ukraine). George was one of the founders of "Kobza".

The name "Kobza" he’s been first heard from… himself, in 1968. George has been looking for a name of a new-created music group.

Olexandr Kazmirovych

Keyboard-player, choirmaster, vocalist.

The laureate and winner of many Ukrainian and international vocal competitions and festivals. Studies at the National university of Culture and Arts, as a "Conductor of national chorus". Apart from keyboards and vocals, he’s engaged in vocals statement in the group.

The word "Kobza" heard from birth.

Sergey Gukov

Guitarist, vocalist

Musician from out of this World and since birth. Studies at Kiev National University of Culture and Arts. Has been playing abroad till 2006.

The word "Kobza" first heard abroad.

Kobza 1969-2005


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